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Eco-Friendly Features at Orchard Ridge

One of the founding principals at Orchard Ridge is stewardship of the land. So, it’s no surprise that this new community features an abundance of eco-friendly features, from the homes and landscaping to the amenities and lifestyle programming.

Our builders include some innovative features that help you save resources and reduce your impact on the environment without even trying. Programmable thermostats and better insulation help beat the heat in the summer, while keeping your home warm in the winter. Tankless water heaters and high-efficiency appliances reduce water and energy usage, and help lower your energy bill. Even the landscaping at Orchard Ridge was carefully chosen to be compatible with our Texas climate, and includes native species that require less water.

It’s not just the homes at Orchard Ridge that were built with the environment in mind. The Community Gardens are at the heart of the community, and they provide many benefits. Kids can learn where their food comes from, not only helping them develop a deeper appreciation for nature that they’ll carry with them through their life. There’re even composting bins that provide residents with an easy way to dispose of food scraps and lawn clippings, without adding to landfills. Plus, this nutrient-rich soil can go back in the gardens to grow bountiful plants – completing the circle.

Even the lifestyle programming often revolves around living with the land. Demos on how to best utilize the composting bins, talks on how to live peacefully with the local wildlife and info on recycling properly are just a few of the ways Orchard Ridge encourages residents to live in a way that leaves less of an impact.

Orchard Ridge is a healthy living with green features built right in. To learn more about Orchard Ridge and everything this community has to offer, schedule a tour to experience it all firsthand or join our Interest List for news and updates.