Our Amenities

Our Amenities

Orchard Ridge® believes the best moments in life are shared with others. That’s why the curated amenities are designed to bring people together, whether at the pool, outdoor pavilion or at the unique community gardens. The wide array of outstanding, thoughtfully planned amenities surround these beautiful new homes in Liberty Hill.

Orchard Park Activity Center

  • Recreational core designed for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Clubhouse with community room for indoor gatherings
  • Orchard courtyard for large events and intimate gatherings
  • Outdoor pavilion with fireplace and multiple BBQ grills
  • Upscale, family friendly pool with splash pad

Community Gardens, Orchards, & Founder's Garden

  • The community agriculture vision for Orchard Ridge is to create garden spaces that residents can explore and participate in while they experience our landscape and amenities
  • A variety of opportunities and scales makes gardening accessible to all residents
  • Orchards throughout featuring fruit and nut trees
  • In the Founder’s Garden, there are community garden plots available for resident gardening
  • Terraced garden landscaping

Fitness Center

  • Innovative cardio equipment, strength training sets and weights
  • Functional rack training system
  • Centrally located within the community for quick, convenient hours and access


  • Parks are crafted for family moments and neighborhood gatherings
  • Harvest Park and Creek Park provide residents expanding living space beyond their own backyards
  • Kid-friendly tot lots with natural playscapes
  • Expansive playfield for spontaneous and organized play
  • Orchard Ridge Bark Park offers fenced in play for the neighborhood dogs


  • A sense of discovery flows through Orchard Ridge by way of the preserved natural habitat and landscaped pathways. A network of trails and parks invites recreation and connectivity
  • Orchard Creek Trail, Harmony Loop Trail, Harvest Trail, Oak Creek Trail and Orchard Loop Trail provide nearly two miles of walking, hiking and biking
  • A community created for leisurely walks or invigoration hikes
  • Creating connectivity with a network of parks, seasonal ponds, trails and orchards

A Vital Community

At Freehold, we believe that great places begin with great people. More than a collection of homes, offices, parks or stores, our Vital Communities® offer a true sense of place. They respond to the needs and desires of the people they serve. They are communities whose energy and authenticity is designed specifically for those who live there. And they are places where every component – from housing to the natural environment, from work to recreation and retail – is in sync, responsive to all who share them.

How do we ensure that we build such exceptional and enduring places? These five interrelated principles guide our holistic approach, creating timeless designs for real people.

  • CONNECTIVITYA productive economy and a healthy society depend upon connections. We provide a technological foundation that supports life and work. This may include co-working centers and the latest transportation and retail services. But we don’t forget the human element. All our communities are staffed with professional concierges with a personal touch. Together these conveniences bring success. They uplift the quality of life and link diverse people within their community.
  • HEALTHY LIVINGThe essence of vitality is a sound body, mind, and spirit. We build the conditions for well-being. This means abundant recreation for all, and an emphasis on healthful social gathering: parks, walking trails, swim facilities, playgrounds, community gardens, and indoor and outdoor fitness. These are an utmost priority in our urban communities that maximize sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, community gyms, and shopping – all of the highest quality. And open space – healthy and welcoming – is at the heart of all our communities.
  • STEWARDSHIPLand is not a resource to be used. It is a gift to be preserved. Responsible building ensures we return more than we take – before, during and after places are built. In many cases we restore natural environments and set-aside open space for protection. Even our recreational offerings – which include community gardens and trail systems – are in harmony with nature. And in every case, we are efficient with energy and water.
  • DESIGN-FORWARD PHILOSOPHYWe thrive through forward thinking. This is why we partner with the leading minds of design in architecture, interiors, planning and landscape. The objective is not to be cutting-edge for its own sake, but to bring human comfort and livability. Neighborhoods are crafted for vitality, health and social cohesion. Buildings are efficient and attractive. And entire masterplans integrate design into a productive whole. The ultimate goal is to create environments that are beautiful and timeless.